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Aéroréfrigérants de Güntenr pour Peiner Träger

In “Project PTG 2010 – Steelworks”, Peiner Träger GmbH planned to expand the existing electric steelworks in Peine.

For expansion of the steelworks, the existing production line, comprising an electric arc furnace and a pan furnace, was to be supplemented by another production line, for which anothREF042_ V2_2010_EN Page 2 er electric arc furnace and two pan furnaces were planned. Due to the different temperature requirements of the respective cooling water circuits, the recooling of the smelting furnace had to be realised by means of three separate cooling water systems. For two of these cooling water systems, Güntner manufactured 64 GFW drycooler units, with a total capacity of 113 MW.

Alongside delivery of the units, the scope of services provided by Güntner also included assembly, all electrical installation work and the commissioning of the units. At the time of order placement, the steel structure of the pump house, on which the drycooler units were to be installed, had already been designed. Thus, the footprint was predefined and limited from the very start. The space-saving design of the GFW drycoolers ensured that the units could be installed on the pump house’s predefined roof surface at a height of 21 m. By means of a crane, the units were placed on a balcony beside the pump house roof. From there, they were conveyed to their respective final positions with pushed trolleys. For easy and timesaving cleaning and maintenance, the drycoolers are equipped with hinged fans.

The GWS switch cabinets, made from stainless steel at the customer’s request, ensure energy- optimised control and low-noise operation. The units can be controlled with up to 12 different power levels. It is planned that the entire cooling system will be operated in an energy- optimised night mode, which enables considerable energy savings to be made.

Although the exterior conditions were largely predefined at the start of the project, an individual solution was developed with close cooperation between Peiner Träger GmbH and Güntner. The water supply and distribution construction management team in charge of technical planning and construction of the recooling systems for the Peiner Träger project PTG 2010 was visibly impressed by Güntner: high levels of professional competence and manufacturing competence, precise solution proposals covering all details, as well as good cooperation with Güntner staff and their personal dedication to this project were all received very positively by Peiner Träger. The result is a successful project for Peiner Träger and for Güntner.

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